Don’t change processes to suit
software, change the software
to suit processes.

In modern, quick changing business world, it is crucial to be able to rapidly alter application according to
new circumstances and adapt for new business goals.

Core application

Choose open code core application that
fits best to the main function required
(IRP, ERP, CRM etc.)

Vertical solutions

Choose vertical solution of core
application, if any, that best fit to specific
sector of your business.

Add-On market place

Look for extra function plugins at add-on
market that fit solution choosen and

specification required.

Rapid customization

Quickly adapt the solution for the specific
functionality of the business. 100%

customization without any restrictions.


Our main goal is to research and develop highly innovative open source business solutions for the global
market. We believe in the efficiency of worldwide partner network that can bring satisfaction to customers
with the help of flexible and quickly adaptable software.

Software development

Development of global core products, vertical solutions
and country based localizations with 1C:Enterprise 8
rapid development framework.

Software distribution

One of the main goals is to produce and deliver onward
core business solutions. Bandle of open source core
products, verified vertical solutions, and add-ons aimed
to suit best for business goals of customers.


Provide hight quality education to world wide partner
network retlated with core product rapid development
and localization technologies. Knowledge is the driving
force of progress.

Partner network

Open source business solutions provided through a global
partner network lead to quick and professional local
service and support. Сertification, experience, and
expertise in a specific sector of business is the shortest
way to success.

Innovative solutions

By following the last innovative technologies provided by
1C:Enterprise 8 framework quality and high tech of
business solutions improving as well. To keep pace with
innovations is the only way to be in trend.


IRP (Intelligent Resource Planning)
IRP is a new generation open code business
application, served for business process
automation using leading technologies of
1C:Enterprise 8 framework.

BSL: Translator
Translating 1C configurations to more than one language is quite simple now. Integration with SmartCat, a plugin for Mozilla, etc. modules make it much more straightforward than ever.

Customizable software for small and medium
businesses to control simple production, CRM,
sales, purchase, stock & financial reporting all in
one solution.


Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business
needs so that we can serve you better.


One of the primary goals of Bilist Software Technology is to
distribute in-house developed and localized international
core products powered by 1C:Enterprise 8.


1C:Enterprise 8 powered software development, according
to standards of software life cycle processes is a way to
have stable software products results and best-satisfied
customers. Individual education courses can help
development teams to improve the quality of software

Cloud Applications

Rapidly adopted according to business goals, instantly
scalable, with improved data sharing and security
processes cloud and semi-cloud hybrid applications
become one of the most efficient tools almost every
company can afford nowadays.

Project Management

We are happy to share with our customers and partners an
experience gained from more than ten years successfully
implemented projects, from different sectors of economics.


As soon as each country has a number of its own unique
set of functions and legislation rules, localization
for different countries is also a crucial part of our job.

Release Engineering

Properly adjusted CI-CD environment has a decisive impact
not only to large scale corporate projects or business
applications for the mass market but also for not big teams
and projects aimed to have well-organized software
development process.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.


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